The Science Behind our Methods

Evolution of "The Card"

The Calling Card

Mattie Teter Several centuries ago, it was customary etiquette for people of stature to forward calling cards or visiting cards to announce and pre-introduce themselves to those with whom they wanted relationships. Often, servants facilitated the exchange. The cards were handcrafted, artistic, informative, memorable and collectible. Estimates are that several hundred thousand were produced over that long period.

U. S. Grant Take a baby step forward to civil war times and the cartes-de-visite emerged, patented by French photographer André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri. Cartes-de-visite were one-sided albumin prints typically featuring a well-to-do or well-known individual, mounted on thick paper. These cards were collected, traded (popularly known as "cardomania"), and frequently on display in Victorian parlors. With advancements in photographic technology, cartes-de-visite were replaced by cabinet cards; slightly larger in size, surely bearing the photographer's logo on reverse side.

Today, we use the Business Card. Simple format: name, title, and contact information. Over 27 million are printed daily. No servants are involved. Every day, you and I and many others, go to business meetings, conferences and networking events, and hand out many of these card–hoping to remember each other and that our interaction was useful. Alas, 80% of all business cards handed out, are thrown out within one (1) week.

Research Moments

Fast forward to the 21st century, a few years ago Dr. Deb Gears was doing research at Rochester Institute of Technology on motivation, engagement and gamification, wanting to inspire her fellow researchers to seek each other out for collaborative working relationships.

The Traiting Card™

Carla card front Carla card front Because of that research and its intent, we have invented the TRAITing card–that is card–a word play on trading card (baseball, Magic, Pokemon). This card is a tailor-made, micro-profile that shows off who you are and what you can do. It is a personal brand artifact featuring your essential capabilities, expertise and interests…and a great action photo. It reflects your personality and professional potential. It evokes pride; definitely artistic, memorable and collectible.

It is a physical tactile piece and coded to its digital form in our online gallery–TRAITING SPACEs. Traiting Spaces is our gamified web-based platform that facilitates connections, referral making, and a springboard to collaboration…that is fun. Our vision is to grow a collaborative (vs. competitive) social network, where real knowledge exchange and connections can occur; where innovation can flourish; where people are not widgets in a global workforce, but differentiated and engaged players, where interacting and meeting people is meaningful and fun. This may look like a simple card, but we assure you the process of building it is eye-opening and challenging. Some people feel they don’t have enough to say, others have too much. This is your personal short story. We serve as career coaches, content architects, and marketers.

The TRAITING Card™…a classic concept with a modern twist.


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