The Science Behind Our Methods

Social Capital and the Strength of Weak Ties

so•cial cap•i•tal 1) equity in a personal relationship that one person has with another person 2) personal asset that is used parsimoniously


struct•ur•al hole 1) gap that exists between one person's social network and another person's social network 2) my people don't know you and your people (yet)


ref•er•ral 1) a recommendation from personal experience and beliefs that one person shares with another person 2) results in expenditure of social capital


so•ci•al tie 1) one person's social network is connected to another person's social network via a common individual 2) bridge to new knowledge and relationships 3) connection made across structural hole

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Social Capital is the reliance and interdependency that builds trust, Margaret Heffernan. Our referral system at is built on social capital.


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