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Collaborative Networking Products

The Traiting Card™

The Traiting Card™ is a tailor-made, micro-profile showing off who you are and what you can do. It is a personal branding artifact featuring your essential capabilities, expertise, and interests. It reflects a sense of personality and professional potential. It invokes a sense of pride and enjoyment, it is memorable. Traiting Card™s (trading card-sized document) enrich face-to-face interactions and can be digitally viewed, referred, and traded. A classic concept with a modern twist.

Traiting Spaces™

Traiting Spaces™ is our private watercooler hosting public and private spaces for interaction. Anyone can view our public gallery of Traiting Card™s and get to know others at a distance. Game mechanics are engineered to motivate participation and create a positive user experience. Ideal for conferences, attendees can preview, search, and connect - before, during, and after. Private spaces can be reserved for group collaboration, such as idea exchange and interdisciplinary problem solving. A catalyst for making impactful connections, that lead to rewarding collaborations.

Consulting Services

Content Development & Writing Services

We are experienced writers in multiple domains. We love the challenge of finding the right angle and the perfect words to create a clear well-structured message, one that delivers impact and that is memorable.

Information Requirements Engineering

Requirements don't change as often as they are missed. We understand the complexities in eliciting and specifying user requirements. We apply methods to suit the problem under study for a richer level of understanding. We specialize in data analysis and design, process analysis and re-design, and human-centered specifications.


Collaborative Computing

Motivating engagement is the holy grail of collaboration. We study an interdisciplinary mix of theory and and practice to energize and direct (motivate) participation. We continue to explore the meaning and utility of gamification - an emerging discipline designed to motivate through inclusion of game-like components.

Analysis and Design Methods & Methodologies

We seek to understand the efficacy of traditional and emerging analysis and design methods in the ever-evolving software development lifecycle.


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